Phase 2/3 Clinical Trials

TLI supports Phase 2/3 research trials. Our outpatient unit has limited access areas, equipped with coded access locks and security cameras for all areas of the clinic: Research Administration, Research Records, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Exam Rooms, Monitor Room and Conference Room.

Phase 2/3 consists of fully equipped treatment rooms ready for liver biopsies, imaging services such as ultrasound and Fibroscan procedures, ECG, IV infusion, spirometry and other procedures, as well as onsite emergency equipment, oxygen, defibrillator, and stat kit 900.

TLI also has well-equipped exam rooms with computer access, locked storage, exam tables and all required clinical equipment to support most Phase 2/3 trial requirements.

Our research laboratory contains two -70 degree freezers that are locked and have automatic temperature monitoring with alarms linked to an emergency backup generator;

A blood drawing / processing area with locked storage and both ambient and refrigerated centrifuges.

All laboratory staff is IATA certified