Frequently Asked Questions

When was TLI founded?
Where is TLI located?
Do I need a referral to visit TLI?
Will my primary care provider get a copy of my procedure and/or updates on my care?
Which hospitals are TLI physicians associated with in the area?
How long will it take to get an appointment?
Do you treat children?
How do I request a copy of my medical records?
Once I’m a patient, may I transfer care to another provider within the TLI group?
Does TLI handle Workers’ Compensation claims?
Insurance FAQs
What insurance carriers do you accept?
Which insurance carriers do you not accept?
I have Medicare. How do I prove that my procedure is a medical necessity?
Can you help me negotiate with my insurance company?
What can I expect to pay out of pocket?
Do you accept Medicaid?
Procedure FAQs
What procedures do you perform?
How soon can I have a procedure performed?
What will happen if I eat or drink something right before (or a few hours before) liver biopsy?
Why can’t I drive after the liver biopsy?
Can I drink wine or beer after liver biopsy?
What can I eat after liver biopsy?
How long does a liver biopsy take?
Will I be awake during the liver biopsy? Is it painful?
Can I bring someone in with me during the procedure and watch?
What to Expect FAQs
Can I meet my physician prior to the liver biopsy?
Will I be sedated during the liver biopsy?
What staff can I expect to meet during my liver biopsy?
Should I bring a family member or friend to my procedure?
How soon will I receive the results of my procedure?
Financial Policy FAQs
What is TLI’s financial policy?
My insurance carrier is requesting a referral. How do I obtain one?
I’d like to work out a payment plan with TLI. What should I know?
Who is responsible for getting my estimated cost from my insurance carrier?
Billing FAQs
How long do I have to pay my bill?
I’m having trouble understanding my bill. Where can I get help?