Frequently Asked Questions

When was TLI founded?
Where is TLI located?
Do I need a referral to visit TLI?
May I transfer care to another physician within the TLI group?
Does TLI handle Workers’ Compensation claims?
Will my primary care provider get a copy of my procedure and/or updates on my care?
What hospitals do TLI physicians consult at in the area?
How long will it take to get an appointment?
Do you treat children?
Procedure FAQs
What procedures do you perform?
How soon can I have a procedure performed?
What will happen if I eat or drink something right before (or a few hours before) my procedure?
Why can’t I drive after the procedure?
Can I drink wine or beer after the procedure?
What can I eat after the procedure?
How long does a biopsy take?
Will I be awake during the procedure? Is it painful?
Can my husband, wife, family member or friend come in with me during the procedure and watch?
What to Expect FAQs
Can I meet my physician prior to the procedure?
Will I be sedated during the procedure?
What staff can I expect to meet during my procedure?
Should I bring a family member or friend to my procedure?
How soon will I receive the results of my procedure?
Insurance FAQs
What insurance carriers do you accept?
I have Medicare. How do I prove that my procedure is a medical necessity?
Can you help me negotiate with my insurance company?
What is co-insurance?
What can I expect to pay out of pocket?
Do you accept Medicaid?
Financial Policy FAQs
What is TLI’s financial policy?
My insurance carrier is requesting a referral. How do I obtain one?
I’d like to work out a payment plan with TLI. What should I know?
Who is responsible to get an estimate from my insurance carrier for my procedure?
Billing FAQs
How long do I have to pay my bill?
I’m having trouble understanding my bill. Where can I get help?