Physician Referrals for: Hepatology Clinic • Elastography Imaging • Research Trials

The Texas Liver Institute providers offer treatment and evaluation for patients presenting across the spectrum of liver disease. We are also known for leading-edge scientific research to improve prevention, detection, treatment, and outcomes of patients with liver disease and its complications. We specialize in the management of: 

Hepatitis A | Hepatitis B | Hepatitis C | Chronic Hepatitis | Autoimmune Hepatitis  | Cirrhosis | Fatty Liver

Liver Cancer (HCC) | Hemochromatosis | Primary Biliary Cirrhosis | Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis 

We Welcome Hepatology Clinic, Imaging, Research and Liver Transplant Referrals

Patients are seen by physician referrals. If the patient’s insurance is an HMO, we will need the name and phone number of the patient’s primary care provider and an authorization number for the clinic visit. The patient will be notified directly by phone/mail with the appointment date and time as well as directions.

To refer a patient or to arrange a clinic consultation appointment at TLI, please click on online submission form below, or select a PDF referral form below, print and fax. Please try to limit faxed materials to 15 pages. If the consultation is of an urgent matter, please call 210.253.3426.

Good communications between the Texas Liver Institute and your patients is central to providing excellent care. We will make every effort to provide you with the information you need to implement any recommendations we provide to your patient.

For liver transplant consults, please use the Hepatology Referral Button. For urgent liver transplant referrals, please call our referral coordinator at 210.253.3426.

Thank you for referring your patients to the Texas Liver Institute.