Dr. Eric Lawitz Talks About Cirrhosis Awareness Key To Liver Health Improvement In NASH

In an exclusive video with Healio Gastroenterology, Eric Lawitz, MD, from the Texas Liver Institute, The University of Texas Health, San Antonio, spoke about the NAVIGATE trial in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis-related cirrhosis.

This is a phase 2b/3 trial evaluating the use of belapectin in patients with NASH-cirrhosis and portal hypertension who have not yet developed esophageal varices.

“This trial demonstrated that in patients without esophageal varices at baseline, belapectin had a statistically significant reduction in the absolute and percentage change in hepatic venous portal gradient,” he said.

NAVIGATEnash.com was launched to enhance patient and physician awareness of NASH-cirrhosis as well as to obtain information on the NAVIGATE trial.

SOURCE: https://www.healio.com/news/hepatology/20210527/video-cirrhosis-awareness-key-to-liver-health-improvement-in-nash

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Sean Hendrickson