Discovering New Treatments and Advancements in Care.

By taking part in clinical trials being conducted at The Texas Liver Institute patients can play a more active role in their health care, while accessing new treatments and helping others by contributing to medical research.

Clinical trials are conducted in phases. The trials at each phase have a different purpose and help scientists answer different questions:

In Phase 1 trials, researchers test an experimental drug or treatment in a small group of people (20-80) for the first time to evaluate its safety, determine a safe dosage range, and identify side effects.

In Phase 2 trials, the experimental study drug or treatment is given to a larger group of people (100-300) to see if it is effective and to further evaluate its safety.

In Phase 3 trials, the experimental study drug or treatment is given to large groups of people (1,000-3,000) to confirm its effectiveness, monitor side effects, compare it to commonly used treatments, and collect information that will allow the experimental drug or treatment to be used safely.

TLI Phase 1 Clinical Trials

Our Phase 1 Unit was modernly designed with the well-being and comfort of our patients in mind while our highly skilled and trained staff deliver the highest quality of care.

At The Texas Liver Institute we are dedicated to performing quality Phase 1-4 clinical research. While we have specialized in viral hepatitis trials over the last 17 years, we have significant expertise in other liver diseases including fatty liver, cirrhosis and portal hypertension, liver cancer and end stage liver disease and transplantation. Other areas of expertise include hepatic and renal impairment trials along with healthy volunteer trials. With over 22,000 square feet, our modern research and clinical facility offers both a Phase 1/Early Development Inpatient Unit and a Phase 2/3 Outpatient Unit.

If you’re interested in being considered for participation in a clinical trial, please visit our currently enrolling page to find out what clinical trials are being conducted at The Texas Liver Institute.